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Livestock/Equestrian Fencing


I am now offering a fencing service, ranging from standard livestock fencing to specialist equestrian fencing. I am willing to consider any job within a reasonable distance of the Sheffield area.

I can install any agricultural, horticultural, equestrian, wildlife or estate fencing to include,

Post and Rail,
Stock Netting,
Barbed Wire,
Plain Wire,
Specialist Equestrian,
Wildlife Exclusion, etc.

I am happy to remove and dispose of any existing fencing, trim back hedges and install the fence of your choice.

I am willing to take on any size job, from small difficult fields to long straight runs.

If you are interested please contact for further details or to arrange a quote.
Fisherfencing@aol.com or Tel.07583 452511
Please note the phone is often left unattended so if no one answers please leave a message or text.